About #TeachTogether

Teach Together 2020

This year, Teach Together is preparing to celebrate two very special events: Expo2020, and the 50th anniversary of the UAE’s nationhood in 2021.

Every week until the end of the academic year, Dr Abdulla Al Karam will spend time with teachers and their students as they learn about Expo and how the UAE is looking towards the next 50 years.

If you’re a teacher and you’ve got creative, interesting and unique lessons planned around these themes, please get in touch. Lessons can be in the classroom, on the bus, at the beach, in a park – anywhere you like! In fact, the more original and fun your lesson idea, the better.


Topics related to this year’s events include:

Expo 2020

Collaborating with other schools & the community

Connecting with each other through technology

Exchanging knowledge & ideas globally

Creating and supporting solutions to social problems

Exploring alternative sources of food and water

Using clean and renewable energy

Preserving the planet



Strengthening values like tolerance, openness and co-existence

Preserving UAE heritage, customs & traditions

Enabling more innovation, science & modern technologies

These topics are suggestions only – if you have other ideas, please let us know. To request a visit, please fill in this form and the Teach Together team will get back to you. Thank you for inviting Dr Abdulla to #TeachTogether with you, and for helping to make 2020 an unforgettable year for your students and the UAE.

Teach Together is part of our focus to increase teacher wellbeing. By assisting teachers in the classroom, we’ll be able to walk in their shoes, and better understand what makes them happy.

Yet teachers are not only teachers – they are also parents, they are sons and daughters, they are friends, they are neighbours. While teacher wellbeing is crucial in education, human wellbeing is crucial in life.

The insights we’ll gain and the relationships we’ll build during Teach Together will enable us to co-create education policy with teachers, and work better together towards a world-class education sector in Dubai.


All of your Teach Together questions – answered here!

What is Teach Together?
Teach Together is an initiative to improve the wellbeing of our community and to connect more with teachers and students. It’s our way of giving back to teachers who give so much to Dubai. Once a week, the director general of KHDA Dr Abdulla Al Karam will spend time helping teachers with their lessons. By assisting teachers in the classroom, we’ll be able to walk in their shoes, and better understand what makes them happy, which will in turn help us to co-create effective policies that make everyone happy. And, it gives Dr Abdulla a good excuse to get out of the office.

What’s the focus of Teach Together for 2020?
2020 is an exciting year for the UAE. Expo 2020 kicks off in October, and preparations for the UAE’s 50th anniversary in 2021 are well under way.

Dr Abdulla would love to be involved in Teach Together lessons that celebrate the themes of Expo as well as the goals of the next 50 years – especially those that are fun, creative and original. (In fact, the more creative your lesson is, the better!) If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve included some suggestions on the home page.

How do I request a visit from Dr Abdulla?
Just fill in the short questionnaire, and our team will contact you to arrange the details.

Am I guaranteed to have a visit from Dr Abdulla if I request one?
We try our very best to accommodate all requests, but we cannot guarantee visits due to timings and schedules.

Will Dr Abdulla be teaching classes?
No, you’re the teacher. Dr Abdulla will be helping you teach.

What will Dr Abdulla do during the lesson?
Whatever you’d like him to! He’s pretty good at helping students too.

How long will Dr Abdulla be my teaching assistant?
Most Teach Together visits last about an hour.

When is Dr Abdulla available to be my teaching assistant?
Dr Abdulla usually has time in his calendar on Monday mornings.

Can principals request a Teach Together visit?
It would be great if teachers contacted us directly to arrange a Teach Together visit.

Does Teach Together have any connection with inspections?
Not. At. All. No. Way.

Do I need to get approval from my principal?
We leave this up to you and how your school works. To set up the Teach Together lesson, we’ll be communicating directly with the teacher who requested the visit.

Will you take photos during the visit?
We’d certainly like to! With your permission, a very nice photographer will come to take pictures and video during the lesson and share them on our website and social media.

So there’s a hashtag?
You guessed it! #TeachTogether on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Please share your own stories of Dr Abdulla’s visits, and we’ll make sure to share them with our community.

I have more questions!
Please send an email to info@teachtogether.ae and we’ll get back to you asap.


Get in Touch

Email: info@teachtogether.ae
Toll-Free: 800 KHDA (800 5432)