About #FitTogether

Just like last year, KHDA has accepted the Dubai Fitness Challenge to be active for 30 minutes a day for 30 days, and we hope your school has too! From October 22 to November 16 , Teach Together is putting its sports gear on, doing its stretches, and preparing to get #FitTogether with teachers and students in Dubai. At 8.30AM every morning during the Dubai Fitness Challenge, the Director General of KHDA Dr. Abdulla Al Karam will visit a school to run, jump and skip to help teachers get their students moving. So, if you’re a teacher in Dubai, and if you’ve got some fun, creative and high-energy activities you’d like Dr. Abdulla to help you with, please request a visit by emailing fittogether@khda.gov.ae.


Take Part

To request a #FitTogether visit from Dr. Abdulla during the Dubai Fitness Challenge, please email fittogether@khda.gov.ae.


Here’s where I answer your questions - Dr Abdulla Al Karam

What is Teach Together?
Teach Together is about the Year of Giving. It’s our way of giving back to teachers who give so much to Dubai, by helping them in the classroom and listening to their experiences. And, it gives me a good excuse to get out of the office.

Why is KHDA doing Teach Together?
Teach Together is part of our focus to increase teacher wellbeing. By assisting teachers in the classroom, we’ll be able to walk in their shoes, and better understand what makes them happy, which will in turn help us to co-create effective policies that make everyone happy.

How do I ask Dr Abdulla to apply to be my teaching assistant?
Just go to this link and fill in the little bit of information we need, and our team will contact you to arrange the details.

Will Dr Abdulla be teaching classes?
No, you’re the teacher. I’m just there to help you teach.

How will Dr Abdulla be helping teachers?
I’ll be doing all of the tasks that your assistant usually does, just ask me! That includes photocopying, wiping up spills, cleaning up, marking tests and making silly faces.

Does this mean that my assistant gets some time off?
Great idea! Buy your assistant a cup of coffee and a magazine and let her relax for a while. She’ll feel she had a mini-holiday.

How long will Dr Abdulla be my teaching assistant?
Most Teach Together visits will last about an hour.

When is Dr Abdulla available to be my teaching assistant?
That depends on which time and day is best for you – let us know when you register your request.

Can principals request a Teach Together visit?
It would be great if teachers contacted us directly to arrange a Teach Together visit.

Do I need to have to prepare an extra-special lesson?
Absolutely not. In fact, I insist that you don’t! I’ll be there just to help you and to understand more of what you do every day.

Does Teach Together have any connection with inspections?
No. For Teach Together, I’ll be deleting all of the inspectors’ numbers from my phone and not speaking to them at all, not even if you want me to.

Do I need to get approval from my principal?
We leave this up to you and how your school works. To set up the Teach Together lesson, we’ll be communicating directly with the teacher who requested my visit.

Can I invite my principal to the Teach Together visit?
This time, principals are not invited. (Tell your principal we’ve got something else planned for them later.)

Will you take photos during the visit?
We’d certainly like to! With your permission, a very nice photographer will come with me to take pictures and video during the lesson and share them on our website and social media.

So there’s a hashtag?
You guessed it! #TeachTogether on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Go ahead and share your own stories of my visits, and we’ll make sure to share them with our community.

I have more questions!
Please send an email to info@teachtogether.ae and we’ll get back to you asap.


Get in Touch

Email: info@teachtogether.ae
Toll-Free: 800 KHDA (800 5432)
 Twitter: @KHDA #TeachTogether